WTDG Podcast
WTDG #238: We Have No Control

We can’t “Control” the schedule of these podcasts. :)

WTDG #237: Turbo Rush

The games are fast and furious in this weeks (months?) episode of WTDG!

WTDG #236: WTDG Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Fresh new changes in WTDG season 2. Actually… no changes at all.

WTDG #235: Ritual of the Podcast

This week we discuss autochess games and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!

WTDG #234: The Revival

Like a Phoenix from the ashes…we discuss the latest and greatest games of May and June.

WTDG #233: Horse Armor Era

eHorses have never looked better.

WTDG #232: Free-to-Podcast

We mostly talk about real games on this podcast but…

WTDG #231: Mozambique Anthem

A long-lost episode hidden for a millenia (2 weeks).

WTDG #230: Sponsored by Gamer Wine

This week’s episode is brought to you by Austin’s Gamer Wine. Let the soothing wine, refreshing electrolytes, and unnecessary taurine+guarana fuel your next gaming session.

WTDG #229: Just Another Video Game Podcast

This week we discuss Kenshi, Smash Bros, Path of Exile, and more!

WTDG #228: Board Game Awards Part 2

Wherein we choose: Best Rule, Best Moment, Best Designer, Most Satisfying, Game to Play More Of, Most Played, Most Anticipated, Game of the Year.

WTDG #227: Board Game Awards Part 1

This week we award: best mechanic, best expansion, best art, best components,best style, best party game, best gateway, and best cornerstone.

WTDG #226: 2018 Year-end Review

WTDG’s classic chronological year-end discussion. Join us as we discuss all the games that mattered to us this year (and some that didnt).

WTDG #225: All These December Games

Every game is here!

WTDG #224: Time off and Temtemtations

Honestly, we discuss so many games that there isn’t even funny or insightful subtext here… not that there ever is… Whatever, enjoy the show ya goofs.

WTDG #223: Is Keyforge the Next Great American Novel?

Is Keyforge the best book Richard Garfield has ever written? Probably not, but find out the details in this weeks cast!

WTDG #222: Soulcalibur, Wildlands, and more!

This week we discuss lots of e-games and b-games (or p-games….ugh.)

WTDG #221: Food Chain Redemption

Food Chain Magnate needs no redemption (since it’s one of the greatest games of all time) but we couldn’t find a great episode title so here we are. Oh yeah, we talk Red Dead Redemption too.

WTDG #220: Sass & Brass

Wherein we talk Brass Birmingham and Soulcalibur

WTDG #219: Making Mars Inhabitable

This week we travel to Mars in Destiny and at the table!